It’s The Blues To Do Podcast beginning with January 13th, 2017.


This is Blues news and calendar for the greater Seattle and Northwest areas.

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Jan 12-15 – Jazz Alley, Belltown/Seattle – Judy Collins, with opener Ari Hest

Jan 13 – 13 Coins, Seattle – Nikki & The Night Owls, 9:30pm

Jan 13 – 13 Coins, Bellevue – Shaggy Sweet, 9:30pm

Jan 13 – B Sharp Coffee House, Tacoma – Samsara Blues Band with Lafleur, 8pm

Jan 13 – Bake’s Place, Bellevue – The Old New Year w/The Rhumba Kings, 9:30pm

Jan 13 – Clearwater Casino, Bainbridge Island/Seattle – The Wingmen

Jan 13 – Crossroads, Bellevue – R.X. Bertoldi & Son, 7pm

Jan 13 – Easy Monkey Taphouse, Shoreline/Seattle – Brian Butler, 8pm

Jan 13 – Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma – Smokey Robinson

Jan 13 – Engel’s Pub, Edmonds – Scratch Daddy, 9pm

Jan 13 – G. Donnalson’s, Tacoma – Johnaye Kendrick, 7:30pm

Jan 13 – Jazzbones, Tacoma – The Stoned Evergreen Travelers, The Cottonwood Cutups, Danny Cash

Jan 13 – North City Bistro, Shoreline/Seattle – Rod Cook & Toast, 8pm

Jan 13 – Raging River, Fall City – Midnight Hour

Jan 13 – Royal Room, Columbia City/Seattle – Ray Skjelbred’s Yeti Chasers, Isak Gaines and friends, Crack Sabbath, 7:30pm

Jan 13 – Salmon Bay Eagles, Ballard/Seattle – The ‘Y’ Guys Blues Band, 8pm

Jan 13 – Seamonster Lounge, Wallingford/Seattle – Funky To Death

Jan 13 – Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park/Seattle – Mark Whitman Blues Band, 7:30pm

Jan 13 – Tractor Tavern, Ballard/Seattle – Vicci Martinez

Jan 13 – Triple Door, Seattle – Karla Bonoff, 7pm/10:30pm, Musicquarium Lounge: Ranger & The Re-Arrangers, 5pm, Swindler, 9:30pm

Jan 13 - Tula’s, Belltown/Seattle – The Tom Collier Quartet, 7:30pm

More updates tomorrow.  (So sorry I got the flu for the holidays, no updates possible while I was sick for over three weeks and still on the mend.)

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