It’s The Blues To Do Podcast beginning with November 17th, 2016.


This is Blues news and calendar for the greater Seattle and Northwest areas.

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We start with some local blues news…

-Cask & Trotter, in Lynnwood has live blues including Armed & Dangerous Blues Revue on Saturday, Nov 19th.

-A new venue for blues in Bellevue Square is called The Cypress Lounge.

-Red House with Tim Scott and Jimmy Holden from the old Reputations, have finally recorded a CD with new band mates Robin Crane and Mark Nofsger…a four song EP with cover art from none other than bassist/bandleader/songwriter/NW Institution and artist, Bill Engelhart!  Red House plays at Grinders on Sat, Nov 19th.

-Annie O’Neill has written a song for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock and was asked to perform it in North Dakota where she is right now, go Annie!…

-Seatown All Stars (Lonnie Williams, Herman Brown, Butch, John Stodemeir…) have moved their Tuesday night jam from 88 Keys in Pioneer Square/Seattle to The Royal Esquire Club in Columbia City/Seattle…

-Billy Joe Huels (Dusty 45s) with Rod Cook and Robin, has moved his Tuesday nights from The Parliament (formerly The Shipwreck) in West Seattle to Slim’s Last Chance in Sodo every Wednesday…

-The Cliffhanger in Lynnwood features Joel Astley and his friends in Front Porch Blues jam every Sunday night, 7 o’clock

-Portland’s power vocalist, Andy Stokes, performs every Thursday, including Thansksgiving, at Shuga Jazz Bistro in Renton.



Nov 17 - Conor Byrne, Ballard/Seattle - Stand With Standing Rock: A Benefit for Standing Rock with Sarah Benedict Gerritsen, Zach Fleury, Chebon Tiger and Kevin Sur, 8pm

Thru Nov 17 – Jazz Alley, Seattle – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, 7:30pm

Nov 17 – G. Donnalson’s, Tacoma – Rod Cook solo, 7pm

Nov 17 – Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle - Trailer Park Kings, 8pm

Nov 17 – Salmon Bay Eagles, Ballard/Seattle – All Stars, No Stripes, 8pm

Nov 17 – Bakes Place, Billy Stapleton & Don Wilhelm, 8pm

Nov 18 – BLUES TO DO presents at Spinnaker Bay Brewing, Hillman City/Seattle – ALL-STAR WOMEN JAM with Kelli with an ‘I’, Patty Mey, Cheri Adams, Beth Wulff, Marlee Walker and lots more!  Food Truck: The Tamale Guy, 6pm

Nov 18 – Bake’s Place, Bellevue – Shaggy Sweet, 9pm

Nov 18 – B Sharp Coffeehouse, Tacoma – Dmitri Matheny, 8pm

Nov 18 – Collins Grange, Tacoma – Leanne Trevalyan, Billy Stoops, Forest Beutel & Julie Campbell

Nov 18 - Conway Muse, Conway – Brian Lee & The Orbiters, 7:30pm

Nov 18 – Cypress Lounge, Bellevue – Billy Brandt & The Thing & The Stuff Jazz Band, 7pm

Nov 18 – EMP Skychurch, Seattle – Influencers Concert Series: The Queen of Rockabilly Wanda Jackson with The Dusty 45s, Evening Bell opens, 9pm, 8pm doors

Nov 18 – Engel’s, Edmonds – 44th St Blues Band, 9pm

Nov 18 – G. Donnalson’s, Tacoma – Kim Archer, 7:30pm

Nov 18 – Green Dolphin Lounge at Central Area Senior Center, Seattle – Filé Gumbo Zydeco, 6pm

Nov 18 – Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle – Ayron Jones and friends w/McTuff for MacKenzie’s 40th Birthday, 8pm

Nov 18 – Montis Grill, Beacon Hill/Seattle – Marc Smason, 6:30pm

Nov 18 – North City Bistro, Shoreline/Seattle – Greta Matassa Quartet, 8pm

Nov 18 – Oxford Saloon, Snohomish – Polly O’Keary & The Rhythm Method

Nov 18 – Seamonster Lounge, Wallingford/Seattle – Funky 2 Death, 9:21pm

Nov 18 – Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park/Seattle – Bluetopia, 7:30pm

Nov 18 – Triple Door, Seattle – Anders Osborne and James McMurtry, 7/10pm, Musicquarium Lounge: Birch Periera and The Gin Joints, 5pm

Nov 18 – White Center Eagles - 4th Annual White Center Food Bank Fundraiser, 3pm

Nov 18 – Yuppie Tavern, Totem Lake - $cratch Daddy Blues, 8:30pm

Nov 18-19 - Tula’s, Seattle – Dave Peck Trio, 7:30pm

Nov 18-27 – Jazz Alley, Seattle - Taj Mahal Quartet (not 21st and not the 24th)

Nov 19 – Bake’s Place, Bellevue – Kalimba, 7pm/9:45pm

Nov 19 – Byrnes Performing Arts Center, Arlington – Legends of the Blues featuring Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons, Randy Oxford’s All-Star Slam, Kevin Sutton & Jim McLaughlin, 7:30pm

Nov 19 – Cask & Trotter, Lynnwood – Armed & Dangerous Blues Revue, 9pm

Nov 19 – Egan’s Ballard Jam House – Overton Berry Ensemble 7pm (sold out)/9pm

Nov 19 – Easy Monkey Taphouse, Shoreline/Seattle – Stacy Jones, 8pm

Nov 19 – Elliott Bay Pizza, Mill Creek – Annie Eastwood and Chris Stevens duo, 7pm

Nov 19 – Engel’s, Edmonds – The Shortcutz, 9pm

Nov 19 – G. Donnalson’s,Tacoma – Dimitri Matheny, 7:30pm

Nov 19 – Grinder’s, Shoreline/Seattle – Red House, 8pm

Nov 19 – Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle – Rockabilly with The Souvenirs, Six Gun Romeos, The Swains & Sourmash Stevedores, 8pm

Nov 19 – Patterson Cellars, Woodinville - Leanne Trevalyan, 7pm

Nov 19 – Rockin’ M’s BBQ, Everett – Brian Lee & The Orbiters, 8pm

Nov 19 – Rustic Tapas Bar, Maple Valley – Billy Stoops, 8pm

Nov 19 – Salmon Bay Eagles, Ballard/Seattle – Richard Deguare R&B Revue, 8pm

Nov 19 – Seamonster Lounge, Wallingford/Seattle – Hammond B3 Fest, 10pm

Nov 19 – Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park/Seattle – Commander Mojo & His Horns of Discontent, 7:30pm

Nov 19 – The Triple Door, Seattle – Johnny A, 8pm, Musicquarium Lounge: Dirty Rice, 9pm

Nov 19 – Yuppie Tavern, Totem Lake – Moon Daddy, 8:30pm

Nov 20 – Johnny’s Dock, Tacoma – Maia Santell & House Blend, 5pm

Nov 20 – Raging River, Fall City – Sunday Night Blues Jam with Tommy Wall and Andrew Cloutier with special guest Billy Shew, 7pm

Nov 20 – Spar, Tacoma – Junkyard Jane, 7pm

Nov 22-23 – The Triple Door, Seattle - Cream, 7pm

Nov 23 – Castle Theater at Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Maui, HI – John Mayall

Nov 23 – Central Club, Kirkland – Mark Hurwitz & Gin Creek, 8:30pm

Nov 23 – Engel’s Pub, Edmonds – el Colonel, 8pm

Nov 23 – Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle – The Black Clouds, 8pm

Nov 23 – Royal Room, Columbia City/Seattle – The Ian McFeron Band with Rod Cook, 7:30pm

Nov 23 – Seamonster Lounge, Wallingford/Seattle – Eldridge Gravy & The Court Supreme, 10pm

Nov 23 – Slim’s Last Chance, Seattle – The Billy Joe Show, 8pm

Nov 23 – Tractor Tavern, Ballard/Seattle – Ayron Jones & The Way, DH Indica Jones, #ALL4DORAS and more, 9pm

Nov 23-24 - Nectar Lounge, Fremont/Seattle – Andy Coe Band

Nov 25 – 13 Coins, Seattle – Nikki & The Night Owls, 9:30pm

Nov 25 – B Sharp Coffee House, Tacoma – The Tonic, 8pm

Nov 25 – Bake’s Place, Bellevue – Rod Cook & Toast with Suze Sims, 9pm

Nov 25 – Crossroads, Bellevue – Alice Stuart & The Formerlys, 7pm

Nov 25 – G. Donnalson’s, Tacoma – Ed Taylor, 7:30pm

Nov 25 – Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle – Patti Allen & Monster Road, 8pm

Nov 25 – Palace Theater, Hilo, HI – John Mayall

Nov 25 – Seamonster Lounge, Wallingford/Seattle – Funky 2 Death, 9:21pm

Nov 25 – The Tractor Tavern, Ballard/Seattle – The Dusty 45s, Bakelite 78, Blackheart, Honeymoon, 9pm

Nov 25 - Vino Bella, Issaquah – Harmonious Funk

Nov 25 – The Wild Hare, Marysville – Polly O’Keary & The Rhythm Method

Nov 25-26 – Dawson’s, Tacoma – Junkyard Jane, 9pm

Nov 26 – B Sharp Coffee House, Tacoma – The CD Woodbury Band, 8pm

Nov 26 – Bake’s Place, Bellevue – 313 Soul featuring Darelle Holden, 7pm

Nov 26 – Conway Muse – Nick Vigarino’s Back Porch Stomp, 8pm

Nov 26 – Easy Monkey Taphouse, Shoreline/Seattle – Seattle House Rockers, 8pm

Nov 26 – Engel’s, Edmonds – Root Seller, 9pm

Nov 26 – G. Donnalson’s,Tacoma – Good Vibes Trio, 7:30pm

Nov 26 – H2O, Anacortes – CC Adams Band featuring Mary Ellen Lykins, 7:30pm

Nov 26 - Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle – Lloyd Jones, 8pm

Nov 26 – Honokaa People’s Theater, Honokaa, HI – John Mayall

Nov 26 – Patterson’s Cellars, Woodinville – Rod Cook solo, 7pm

Nov 26 – Spar, Tacoma - Blumeadows

Nov 26 – Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park/Seattle – Market Street Dixieland Jass Band, 7:30pm

Nov 26 – Tractor Tavern, Ballard/Seattle – Vaudeville Etiquette, Rust on the Rails, The Nick Foster Band, 9pm

Nov 27 – Bake’s Place, Bellevue – Tingstad & Rumbel Christmas Show, 7pm

Nov 27 – Raging River, Fall City – Sunday Night Blues Jam with Tommy Wall and Andrew Cloutier with special guest Michael Powers, 7pm

Nov 27 – Spar, Tacoma – Little Bill & The Blue Notes, 7pm

Nov 27 – Blue Note Hawaii, Honolulu, HI – John Mayall (2 shows)

Nov 29-30 – Jazz Alley, Seattle – Roberta Gambarini

Nov 30 – Central Club, Kirkland – Miles From Chicago, 8:30pm

Nov 30 - Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle – The Tonic, 8pm

Nov 30 – Seamonster Lounge, Wallingford/Seattle – Westsound Deep Funk Club, 10pm

Nov 30 – Slim’s Last Chance, Seattle – The Billy Joe Show, 8pm

Nov 30 & Dec 1 – Tractor Tavern, Ballard/Seattle – The California Honeydrops, Steep Ravine, 8pm

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